Surgenex® delivers the most innovative products in regenerative medicine

Surgenex® is committed to turning innovative science into medical solutions that rekindle hope for patients nationwide.


The patented Excellion® process is used to produce the highest quality allograft tissues using tightly controlled surgical procedures.


Surgenex® prides itself on exceeding regulatory safety standards through rigorous quality processes and third party serological testing.


With unprecendented service and care for providers and their patients our staff is dedicated to providing the very best at a competitive price.

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Harnessing the Natural Power of Birth Tissues

The Excellion® Process

Surgenex® uses its patented Excellion® process to produce minimally manipulated products which conform to the FDA’s definition found in HCT/P Section 361. Following these standards allows Surgenex® to sell approved allograft products with confidence to healthcare providers.

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Our products represents our commitment to pioneering the future today through innovation and expertise.

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Conintuously pushing forward, our team of scientists are redefining the industry through new techniques and processes.

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Commitment to our providers and their patients is what truly sets us apart from competitors as we offer both resources and support.

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Dedication, teamwork, and collaboration are the key components to our team's success both inside and outside the company.

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Committed To The Highest International Standards

Surgenex® is the producer and distributor of the highest quality of amniotic membrane tissue allograft in the industry.

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