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Protective Covering For Ophthalmic Applications


SurSight® is a dehydrated, minimally manipulated, amniotic membrane allograft for homologous use. It is terminally sterilized and provided ready for use in ocular repair and reconstruction procedures.

Why Choose SurSight®?

Lightweight and flexible, providing a protective covering to aid in ocular repair.

SurSight® is specifically designed to be smooth and clear for ophthalmic applications. SurSight® is minimally manipulated to retain the natural properties of the amniotic membrane, and provides clinicians with a flexible sheet that can be used in a variety of applications with ease. SurSight® exceeds expectations due to our high quality production standards.

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Rigorous quality and serological testing that exceeds FDA requirements

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Single layer of amnion to provide a smooth and transparent finish

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Multiple sizes tailored to accommodate various clinical uses

Product Sizes

Optimized For Comfort
Since amniotic membrane can be used in a wide variety of applications, we offer sizes specifically designed to meet the needs of our providers.

5 mm

8 mm

10 mm

11 mm

12 mm

14 mm

15 mm

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