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Advanced Tissue Program

Elevating Patient Care for Private Offices

The Surgenex® Advanced Tissue Program is a customer-centric initiative dedicated to maximizing success with advanced tissue solutions. Central to this approach are our Advanced Biologics Consultants, who serve as trusted advisors with many years of experience. With a focus on customer success and positive patient outcomes, our experienced team provides personalized support and guidance, ensuring seamless navigation of the complex tissue landscape.

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Program Overview

From appropriate patient identification to insurance verification and comprehensive staff education, our team is committed to delivering assistance tailored to your individual needs every step of the way.

In-Office Consultation

• Personalized assistance from our Advanced Biologics Consultants and our customer success teams whenever needed
• Comprehensive training, resources, and in-service education for staff and patients

Appropriate Patient Identification

• Ensure clinical alignment for proper patient selection

Patient Insurance Verification

• Hotline for accurate benefit verification with 24-48 turnaround

Innovative Product Solutions

• Multiple graft configurations and sizes for your patient's needs

Tissue Tracking & Logging

• Detailed record of tissue usage and service tracking

Customer Support

• Expert Surgenex Field Reimbursement Management (FRM) providing customer support with coding and coverage questions